Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fidmax?

Fidmax is an innovative system that improves our client’s businesses through direct communication with customers who are rewarded for loyalty in real time. Customers/users have a quick & easy way to control return value and monitor balance on their accounts. For the first time customers have a complete overview of the gained significant savings.

How is to gain return of the loyalty reward?

Return of loyalty reward is realized by entering or scanning of an identification code from the fiscal accounts that are issued in the stores that are in the Fidmax system.

How do I enter Fidmax identification code?

Fidmax identification code is entered on a customer’s personal account and the system automatically does the rest.

What should I do if Fidmax identification code is not readable or system refuses to accept the code?

It is necessary to scan or photograph the fiscal receipt and to send it to our technical service for inspection and processing of validation.

I have entered an incorrect code, and my Fidmax account has been blocked. What should I do?

If you repeatedly enter an incorrect Fidmax identification code, account will be temporarily blocked (usually 15 minutes) for safety conciderations. Wait until we unblock your account and try again. If you still have problems entering the codes, rather contact our technical service for assistance.

What is the amount of the refund?

The refund amount depends on the partners and the calculated percentage of the total amount of the receipt. The refund percentage ranges from 2.5% upwards.

What is required to open an account?

You need a valid e-mail address. Personal information (name, place of residence and address) are required only when you are applying for recovery of the collected return values.

Is it free to use the Fidmax system?

Yes! Creating an account and using it is an absolutely free.

How can I redeem the collected refund?

To be able to use the collected refunded value it is necessary to apply for voucher. The application shall be submitted for each partner company individually. The voucher can be issued only if you collect a minimum amount for utilization (minimum amount can vary for each partner). Upon the application you will receive a voucher that can be used in shops that have issued it.

Is it possible to use collected refund from one partner in shops of another partner?

No. Return values ​​are calculated separately for each partner.

When can I submit the request for utilization of refund?

You can apply at any time. All submitted requests are processed during 3 days

What happens to the collected value if you do not apply for utilization?

The accumulated value continues to collect until decides to apply for utilization.

What is the voucher?

Once your refund request is processed you will receive a voucher - a document that you can use it to pay your next purchase in part or in whole.

How and when do I receive the voucher?

As soon as you request the voucher it is sent to your home address by mail or in other preferred way. After processing of the request you will be indicated on the manner delivery of your voucher if there is any change in the manner of transmission.

Can I replace the voucher for money?

No. The voucher is used exclusively to pay for goods or services and cannot be a substitute for money. Also, the possible difference in price of goods / services and the value of the voucher (if the value of the vouchers higher) are not paid in cash. The value of goods / services that you pay must be higher than the amount on the voucher.

Can I make some extra value reward by inviting friends?

Fidmax system of customer’s rewarding gives customers an opportunity to actively participate in the increase of their rewards. If you share an opportunity for a better way of shopping with your friends by inviting them to join you in Fidmax system, the system will automatically reward your effort with bonuses for every purchase done by your friends. On the top of it, system will reward the most successful members with other valuable prizes; IT gadgets, travels, additional vouchers, and much more. Number of friends you can invite to the system is unlimited as is the size of the reward that one can receive from the system. Enjoy a whole new shopping experience that rewards customers.