About us:

Fidmax is an innovative business system that improves our clients businesses through direct communication with customers which are rewarded in real time. Users are able to supervise return value and the balance of their accounts quickly and easily, and for the first time system provides customers with complete overview of the achieved significant cost savings.

Fidmax Ltd. Serbia is a branch of the international network Fidmax Global, specializing in information technologies consulting, providing services of innovative retail marketing and the creation of conditions for client’s business growth.

Our innovative approach in improving business of our clients has resulted in the development of the Fidmax system for direct communication with customers in real time while not requiring the use of insecure internet connections.

Fidmax innovative business system is easy to implement & install. If interested companies / customers already have some kind of Loyalty system, the Fidmax can be easily synchronized with it. In both cases, once our clients, companies are greatly reducing marketing expenses while significantly increasing sales results through the Fidmax system. The highest benefits of the Fidmax system are guaranteed by constant business support provided by our marketing experts.

Our organizational experience and maximum utilization of the advanced Fidmax system are a guarantees of satisfied customers, expanded networks of new customers, faster business growth and hence increased profits of our clients.

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